Google has deleted more than 2500 China-linked YouTube channels over disinformation. All the channels were removed between April and June. Mostly the channels were posting “spammy, non-political content”, so Google removed the channels.

Google removed more than 2500 YouTube Channels

Google Deletes More Than 2500 Chinese YouTube Channels
Google Deletes More Than 2500 Chinese YouTube Channels

YouTube said the channels were deleted in April, May and June, as a part of investigation going on in the organised influence operations which are linked to China. The company released the news on disinformation operations.

Google did not identify the specific channels, but it provided few other details. It did not provide the videos links also which were seen on the Twitter to disinformation campaign in April.

The embassy in the US did not respond to this immediately. Earlier, Beijing denied allegations of spreading the misinformation.

For American politicians and technologists, the disinformation was spread by foreign actors. Moreover, in the 2016 presidential election, the Russian government-linked actors elevated thousands of deceptive messages in social media.

Most of them are trying to avoid, which has happened in 2016 with companies like Facebook and Google. The bulletin has also said that the activity to other countries is also added including Iran and Russia.

Google informed about the action in the quarterly bulletin.

In the bulletin, Google said that these YouTube channels were posting spammy content and non-political content. Some of the content is connected with politics also. Google gave all the information about the Youtube channels, which were spreading the misinformation on Twitter. No other information about the Chinese YouTube channels were provided.

To this action by Google, the Chinese Embassy has not given any response.


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