Google Engineer has made a smart Android Powered Bathroom Mirror which automatically shows the latest updates on Date, Time and Weather Forecast. It also enables you to do voice searches on Google.

A software engineer namely Max Braun who works with Multi National company, used two way mirror, controller board, display panel, components, arts and crafts supplies in order to create a device. It  can be also regarded as early prototype of Google Now Mirror, reported.

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Google Engineer builds Smart Android Powered Bathroom Mirror

We have seen smart mirrors in movies, we knew it was fictitious. However, Braun said he built the this device in order to make his bathroom mirror to be like the “future we were promised in the movies”.

Google Mirror
Google Mirror

Braun further said “There doesn’t seem to be anyone selling the product I was looking for. The individual parts, however, were fairly easy to get. A number of people have done similar custom builds recently, but I had something different in mind,”

According to Braun, he aims to add more functions and features which will work with Google Now which also includes traffic updates and reminders.

The software still has collateral to go, because the current user interface is integrated in couple hundred lines of code. Braun also require to resolve this mirror on a platform and do up the entrails of his work. Despite of this, Braun still managed to build a fully functional display whose thinness is only few millimeters.

This is very interesting invention by Google’s Engineer. Now enjoy bathroom mirror which is powered by Android which will show you weather updates, reminders etc. We hope that you loved this article, feel free to share this with your friends.


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