We all know that the tech giant Google has a habit of trying to meet the application needs of its Android ecosystem. Hence, recently, the tech giant Google just launched a new extraordinary application for its own operating system Android.

Google Just Launched A New Extraordinary Application For Android

More and more applications consume data from our plans, without any control or without being regulated. To avoid this, and to overcome the lack of various features, more and more Lite versions of these applications appear.

The tech giant Google is now testing a more basic and simpler version of its search, to give users more features with the lowest resource consumption.

It’s not official yet and is not even widely available, but the tech giant Google will be developing a Lite version of its Android search app. The tests are ongoing in Indonesia and India.

The basic idea is to give access to all of Google’s content but to consume the minimum resources and, mainly, data of the plans of the users. This scenario is often found in developing markets, but also many other users will prefer to use.

With a different image from everything that the tech giant Google typically presents to us, this app is dedicated to search, where you can get all the information that you normally get from Google search.

In addition to the elements available, it can be fine-tuned and many more options can be added to give the user access to many more areas of information.

Research, and because this is the main function of the application, can be done either by voice or by text. The information is presented in the same way as the current app does, but the information can be presented in a browser of its own.

Want to test Google’s Lite search?

Google Search Lite
Google Search Lite

Although the tech giant Google does not yet have this new app available to all its users, it is already possible to test it. Just download the APK of this new application and run it. Please note that you must have the option to install apps outside of the active store. Once launched, you must have to choose your language as “Bahasa Indonesia” to have it in English.

Like all current Lite versions of other applications, it seeks to limit data and resource consumption, making browsing experience simpler and faster.

So, what do you think about this extraordinary lite version application of the tech giant Google? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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