Google Fiber Initiative Launched to Provide Free Internet to the Poor
Google Fiber Initiative Launched to Provide Free Internet to the Poor

InShortViral: Google Fiber to provide free internet to the residents of Kansas. It claims that it will provide free internet service to nearly 1300 residents in Kansas City.

Google Fiber announced that it will provide its high speed Internet service to thousands of poverty stricken Americans across the US who can’t bear Gigabit Broadband Expenses. The Search Giant said that it will start with Kansas City Market, Google Fiber ultimately plans to wire “Select” public housings buildings in the cities where it operates.

Google Fiber Initiative Launched to Provide Free Internet to the Poor

This free service will be available on Wednesday for the West Bluff Town homes community in Kansas City. It will cover nearly 1,300 housed in Kansas  City, Mo. and Kansas City Kan. These houses will get free connection to Google’s Fiber’s 1,000 MBPS Service. It will let those users to have download speed equal to that of downloading HD movie in just 7 seconds.

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According to CDN Network Akamai, in average Americans receive about 12 MBPS download speed, with peak speeds of 57 MBPS.

Google Fiber will be providing free services to Kansas City residences, and their expenditure will be up to $ 1 Million per year. Google Fiber is also providing its free service to poverty stricken people in Austin, Texas. But these residents aren’t enjoying gigabit speeds. However these users need to pay in order to upgrade their free service to the next level.

Google Fiber is pledging and looking forward to provide fastest Internet service to poverty stricken people in America.

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Google Fiber is prominent money source of steady profit for Alphabet. Alphabet told investors that this week Google Fiber was behind the revenue which is bound with its “Other Bets”, and it also consists its costly driver-less car project and its 5G Drone delivery service.

The different research projects of Google are valuing above $3.5 Billion last year. Although revenue of $448 million was delivered by Fiber, Nest and Verily and Alphabet’s Life Sciences program.

Google Fiber is giving away some of its high speed broadband connections to many people in order to help them to benefit from it. It might be able to do school homework for children. For Job Aspirants, it can help them in finding leads and filling job applications online for the first time.

So, this is all about the Google Fiber’s give away of high speed Internet to poorest communities in America. We hope that in future Google will also expand its High Speed Internet across the world.