Google to Provide Telephone Services with Fiber Phone after High Speed Internet
Google to Provide Telephone Services with Fiber Phone after High Speed Internet

Google is now looking to provide Telephone Services which will include fiber phones. The Tech Giant is currently working on 5G drones and will provide Telephone services after it.

Google to Provide Telephone Services with Fiber Phones after High-Speed Internet

Recently, Google had planned to provide high-speed Internet, which will be almost 40 times faster than 4G. Now Google is seeking to offer telephone services. Washington Post has reported that a few of Google’s high-speed Internet subscribers got an invitation to the experimental telephone service.

The Report stated that this service is like Google Voice, where the application enables users to link all their telephones, landline, and mobile devices to a single phone number. The Report further says that the Fiber Phones include Google voice features, like Voicemail transcriptions and automatic call screening based on the time of the day.

According to the Washington Post, presently, this service is available to the members of the Google Fiber Trusted Program; if Google rolls out this service to a global audience, the tech giant is confident to take out the cable industry with a triple conjuration of broadband, telephone services, and television.

Specific reports state that Google’s Mobile Internet Service Project will be linked to fiber Phones in the future as both services depend on Google Voice to provide a network to make it work with a phone number.

So, this was all about Google Telephone Services, which will also include fiber phones. The tech giant seems to want to take the Internet to the next level. Recently, it was seen testing 5G Drones; now, it is planning to provide telephone services. We hope you loved this article; feel free to share this with your friends.