If you have been staying updated with the latest tech news, you might know that Google is about to shut down its popular messaging app – Hangouts. Recently, Google announced it would shut down Google Hangouts in November this year and urged people to switch to Google Chat.

If you’ve relied on Google Hangouts to exchange texts and make voice/video calls, it could be the best time to switch to its alternatives. As of now, there are many Google Hangouts alternatives that you can use on your Android or iOS devices.

List of Best Google Hangouts Alternatives

Hence, if you are not happy with the demise of Google Hangout, you need to start using its Alternatives. Below, we have shared a list of the best Google Hangout alternatives for messaging and voice & video calls. Let’s check out.

1. Discord


Discord differs from Hangouts, but it can still be used as an alternative. The platform is primarily designed for gamers, and it allows file sharing as well. The video calling option is missing from Discord, but you will get voice chat and real-time messaging features.

So, if you are a gamer looking for the best app to communicate with your friends while playing games, you need to start using Discord. Discord app is available on every platform and features cross-platform support.

2. Telegram

Telegram Launches its Premium Subscription With Many New Benefits

Telegram is another great instant messaging app on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, or the Web. Like Discord, Telegram also features cross-platform support, which means you can stay connected, irrespective of your device.

Telegram provides you with all sorts of communication options you can think of. You have messaging, voice calling, video calling, and group video/voice calling options. Despite all of Telegram’s features, it’s mainly known for its channel-specific features.

3. Signal

Signal is one of the best and most secure instant messaging apps you can use on your Android or iPhone. Like Google Hangouts, Signal provides instant messaging, voice/video calling, and group chat options.

The most noticeable thing about Signal is that every form of communication is secured by end-to-end encryption. So, Signal is one of the best and most secure Google Hangouts you can use today.



LINE is an instant messaging app with many social networking features. On LINE, you get a Facebook-like timeline to share messages, photos, videos, and locations with your LINE friends.

Like Hangouts, LINE also offers you many ways to communicate with friends. You can communicate via text, voice, and video calls with your friends.

Other features of LINE include a dedicated section for news, LINE Pay, LINE Music, and more.

5. Viber Messenger


Even though Viber is not as popular as Hangouts, it is still one of the best Hangouts alternatives you can ever use. Viber has a less active user base than Hangouts or any other instant messaging app, and it’s popular in just a few countries.

Regarding the features, Viber Messenger offers you text messaging, voice/video calling, and group chatting options. Viber also offers you many unique Stickers & GIFs you can use for messaging.

6. Skype


If you are looking for a lightweight and easy-to-use Hangout alternative for video calling, look no other than Skype. Skype is the best video calling service available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and other devices.

While Skype is primarily known for its video calling feature, it supports text messaging, voice calling, and file transfer. Apart from messaging & voice calling, Skype also allows you to share screens with your friends.

7. Wire


Wire is a Google Hangouts alternative for privacy-conscious users. It’s one of the best and most secure messaging apps for businesses and professionals. Like Google Hangouts, Wire provides instant messaging, voice/video calling, and video conferencing options.

Every communication on Wire uses end-to-end encryption to provide users with a strong degree of privacy and security. On top of that, Wire is open source, and its code is available on GitHub.

8. WeChat


WeChat may not be the best Google Hangouts replacement, but it shares many similarities with Hangouts. Like Hangouts, WeChat lets you chat, call friends, read the news, or play mini-games with other users.

WeChat also offers video calling and live location-sharing features. The only drawback of WeChat is that it scores very low on the security and privacy fronts. So, if security & privacy is not an issue for you, you can use WeChat as a Hangouts replacement.

9. WhatsApp


WhatsApp is probably the best and most popular instant messaging app available for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and the Web. It offers almost all instant messaging features you can think of.

Besides exchanging text messages, WhatsApp offers individual and group voice/video calling options, file-sharing features, and more. It also brings many security & privacy features, such as sending disappearing messages, hiding the last seen status, and more.

10. Messenger


Both Messenger and WhatsApp are owned by the same company – Meta (Facebook), and they share many similarities. The only difference is that Messenger allows you to communicate with your Facebook friends.

You can start using Messenger with your Facebook account. Once signed up with Messenger, you can exchange texts, make voice/video calls, and more. Overall, Messenger is an excellent Hangouts alternative that you can use today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google Hangouts outdated?

Yes, Google officially discontinued Google Hangouts in November 2022. It has also taken steps to move Google Hangout users to its Google Chat platform.

Why did Google Discontinue Hangouts?

Google Discontinued Hangouts for security reasons. Compared to Hangouts, Chat offers better security features, like it can protect against phishing protections by detecting malicious links.

What is the Replacement for Google Hangouts?

Google replaced Hangouts with Google Chats. The Chat app lets you send messages and attachments, including photos, videos, or audio. It’s a lightweight app to collaborate and chat.

Which is the best Google Hangouts alternative?

All chat apps we have shared on the list offer better features and are free to use. However, if we had to pick one from the list, we would pick Signal.

Which are the best VoIP Apps?

Google Hangouts used to be a free communication app that included messaging and VoIP capabilities. Since it’s no longer available, you can use other VoIP apps to get the same features. For a complete list, check out the article – Best VoIP apps for Android.

So, these are the few best Google Hangouts alternatives you can use today. All the apps are free to download & use and provide you with messaging and voice/video calling features. If you think the list missed any essential app, let us know in the comment box below.


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