In a 3000-question test, conducted by New York-based marketing agency 360i, Google Home was found to be six times more likely to properly answer your question than the Amazon Echo. It was test by asking both voice-controlled devices 3,000 questions and comparing the answers.

Google Home Proves Itself 6 times better at searches than Amazon Echo

A US ad agency had put Amazon’s Echo against Google Home And the results are somewhat surprising.

Google Home has been available now for a while, but in general use, it can seem about the same as the Echo. Now, the two have been put to the test, and things went pretty much how you would have expected them to. The Google Home still has a way to go before it becomes a mainstream hit, a new study appears to show it’s significantly smarter than Amazon’s smart speaker.

Google Home

That is, the device was shown to be six times more likely to answer user questions than the Echo according to New York-based 360i. Though the list of questions asked has yet to be released, these results should come as little surprise. At the time of its launch, it became clear that Google had the edge in search functionality. Google, being the most widely used search engine, has long employed elements of artificial intelligence, such as their Knowledge Graph – a feature which uses neural networks to give Google a better understanding of a search term, and therefore better context in results.

Amazon Echo

The ad agency developed its own software to test the two speakers, by asking both voice-controlled devices 3,000 questions and comparing the answers. The results are interesting considering Amazon’s smart speaker reportedly accounts for about 70% of the smart speaker market at this point.

In terms of sales, Amazon Echo launched first and currently claims 70 per cent of the voice assistant market and has a big list of ‘skills’ from major manufacturers.

Google Home

Both Amazon and Google are two of the most valuable tech companies in existence, and as such, both continue to rapidly develop their AI platforms. But, just as it was at launch, the main differentiator between the two seems to remain – if you want wider compatibility, choose the Amazon Echo but if you want a better assistant, pick up the Google Home.

So, what’s your opinion on the take of Amazon Echo vs Google Home? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.



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