Google is reportedly working on a new feature that will allow users to send messages via satellite on Android devices.

This feature is similar to Apple’s Emergency SOS via satellite feature, which debuted with the iPhone 14 series in 2023.

Google May Bring Satellite-Based Texting Feature To Android 15

Google May Bring Satellite-Based Texting Feature To Android 15

For those unaware, the Emergency SOS via satellite feature allows you to quickly text via satellite to emergency contacts or services and ask for help when you are outside of cellular and Wi-Fi coverage.

Apparently, the search giant has introduced a new “Satellite Messaging” page in the recent Android 14 beta, which was spotted by Mishal Rehman of Android Authority. This feature could be included in Google’s upcoming mobile operating system, Android 15.

The page states that you can “send and receive text messages by satellite as part of an eligible account.” This is followed by a button that users can opt for once the feature is available.

It further describes how your phone will “auto-connect to a satellite” when they don’t have cellular connectivity. However, if you want to get the “best connection,” you need to “keep a clear view of the sky” as “weather and certain structures may affect your satellite connection,” states the Android Authority report.

Once the phone is connected to a satellite, you can apparently “text anyone,” not just emergency services. Moreover, once the phone is back in the range of a mobile network, it will get disconnected from the satellite and reconnect to your cellular network.

In addition, the page text also says the feature is available only in “some areas” and requires satellite messaging to be added to your mobile plan. Further, there may be delays in delivering satellite messages due to weather and physical obstructions that may affect the signal quality. Please note that calling by satellite isn’t available.

While the beta page itself doesn’t mention any specific provider, the buttons to “add satellite messaging” or learn “more about satellite messaging” lead to an unresponsive T-Mobile satellite coverage page, hinting that T-Mobile may be involved in offering this feature in Android 15 for US users.

Given that T-Mobile has previously collaborated with SpaceX for satellite-to-phone connectivity, the cellular service provider could very well be Google’s primary source for tapping satellite-capable text messaging for Android users.

While the satellite-enabled connectivity feature for Android phones definitely sounds interesting and welcoming, Google has yet to officially announce it. We will share an update once we have more details about this feature.


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