If you are outside your home and any person suffers hear attack, what will you do? You would simply dial 911 which will be the better way of providing help, however they can’t assure you the time to reach you, which could be problematic. Thanks to Google ! as its new patent indicates that Google may have different solution to deal with these problems.

Google May Use Drones For Medical Aid

Google has acquired a patent in US, which which suggest that a device can call for a drone to fly with certain medical kit. Google patented the plan for flying drones in case of medical emergencies and it would be loaded with vital life saving technology. This plan is pointed at people from far flung areas where ambulances cant reach easily. Drones can run swiftly and will go quickly to help the person who seeks help.

The drone will come with medical box and text explanation screen which will be included with it to recommend the person or the ones’s around him what to do during medical emergency. The Google drone can provide first aid by visiting the location using WiFi or Mobile Signal.

Moreover, medical box would also tell the steps which the user is supposed to follow. The alternate way of using it can be by pressing the medical condition button present on the box, so that the user could see the video demonstration showing which steps should be taken. Once the user presses the keys according to their need, he/she will be provided with medication by the drone.

Besides this, Google drone will also inform the nearest ambulance station so that they can send professionals to control the condition and treat them. As per sources, this type of technology will be witnessed in the future in US.

If successful, this technology by Google will be highly appreciated throughout the world. Let’s discuss more about this drone in the comment section below.


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