Recently Google Duo has rolled out a few new features already we have posted about that, Just now we have got updates that Google Meet has also announced new features for video conferencing. So now everyone can do they work from home easily.

Google Meet has Rolled Out New Features for Work From Home

Google Meet Announced New Features for Video Conferencing
Google Meet Announced New Features for Video Conferencing

In COVID-19 pandemic we all are facing many issues but some are getting sorted like that the meeting issues are solved by online platforms like Google Meet, Zoom and etc. But the best platform available online is none other than google meet.

All new features and improvements which has been rolled out by Google are listed below:

  • Noise cancellation: We all know working from home is not easy while you are on a meeting and you have to face many issues from that the main issue is that people in the background they make a lot of noise which disturbs a lot so now google has improved noise cancellation for all users.
  • Low data support: Due to COVID-19 everyone is sitting at home so people have no choice than using the internet so we are facing internet speed is not that good so we face lag or other things in video conferencing that is also solved in new update by google.
  • Low-light mode: In a new update, Google has improved setting now AI will able to display your video properly in low light mode also.
  • Present a Chrome Tab: Now in between of meeting or video conferencing you can share any website or chrome tab also. This is the unique feature that other platform doesn’t provide.
  • Tiled layouts: In the new update users can view 16 windows at once. Now it is easy to view all the users in google meet after this new feature.

Director of Product Management, Smita Hashim, in a blog post, said,

“These features use technologies like Google AI to improve meeting quality and user experience.”


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