Google shows off the new AR glasses with a key feature, language translation. The tech giant has wrapped up its I/O event with a big surprise, i.e., its latest AR glasses.

The company teased the device at an event by sharing a short clip that showed its capabilities. Google did not reveal the name for some reason, but the video shows how it may work.

The main feature of these new smart glasses is Translation and Google Assistant integration. It will transcribe and translate what a person says in real-time.

Google To Bring New AR Glasses Soon

Google Teases New AR Glasses Focusing On Language Translation

However, Google did not share any details about the availability. Also, the video didn’t show the display; it shows a cool picture of the potential AR future.

Google showed demoed the prototype translating a conversation from English to Spanish. This is helpful for non-English speakers, and it can carry out a conversation with Google employees speaking to them.

Until these glasses are launched, we won’t know how well they will work. And is it the same Google’s Project Iris product that was reported in January, or its something entirely new?

You can watch the video here:

The glasses look like an ordinary pair of oversized glasses that might have been inspired by Focals.

Other capabilities of the smart glasses are unknown. Google’s upcoming scene exploration feature can be integrated with this product. It will let users to scan the phone’s camera and use the multi-search function.

One thing to focus on is, that Google hasn’t promised anything as of now. So, we aren’t sure if this product will be coming or not.

Back in 2014, Google introduced its first pair of smart glasses. It had the ability to perform hands-free tasks but couldn’t impress the audience. We need to see how these smart glasses will attract the audience.


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