First of all, let me clear that there is no announcement of any sort that the tech giant Google is even thinking about banning torrent sites. Any mention of such a possibility is pure speculation at this point.

Google Is Not Banning Your favorite Torrent Sites

Earlier we reported that the tech giant Google along with the other search engines will soon implement new measures to try to slow down the piracy, as far as possible, the high levels of online piracy that currently exist in some regions.

Through these measures, companies will be able to block the viewing of these links to torrent files, and their corresponding portals, from their search results.

It means that the search engines like Google will remove links to torrents as we mentioned earlier, but, Hollywood entertainment companies have long blamed the tech giant Google and other search engines for “promoting” piracy by displaying the contents of torrent websites in their search results.

That is why Google has been taking certain steps to filter these “infringing” copyrighted content from its search results, although it has not been enough for the industry. As a curiosity to say that only last year, the technology giant was claimed for the elimination of links through more than one billion applications.

However, apart from all these reports if I say that “No the tech giant Google isn’t going to ban your favorite torrent sites!!” sounds kind of weird right. As it should be, but according to the media site, Tech2:-

“Banning the torrent sites is something for the tech giant Google to ban PewDiePie from YouTube for not keeping his word.

In fact, let’s just quote Baroness Buscombe here, “The search engines involved in this work have been very co-operative, making changes to their algorithms and processes, but also working bilaterally with creative industry representatives to explore the options for new interventions, and how existing processes might be streamlined.” Buscombe is an English barrister, regulator and politician and a member of the House of Lords.

Does she say that Google is banning torrent sites? No, she doesn’t.

Again, allow us to reiterate. There is no announcement of any sort that Google is even thinking about banning torrent sites. Any mention of such a possibility is pure speculation at this point”.

However, it doesn’t mean that the tech giant Google has not done its part in fighting copyright infringement in the past. But, still want to explore in brief that ‘How Google Fights Piracy’ simply click here to read the full report.

Simply, think that if someone wants to pirate and to look for a particular torrent, what exactly they will do? Of course, they will simply not Google for that particular torrent. Then what, they will enter the address the torrent site for which they are looking for and then simply download it.

So, in between this process, have you find any role of Google or any other search engine? Of course, the answer is “NO”. It means that torrent sites will remain on the internet and there is nothing that anyone can do about word of mouth (It is the passing of information from person to person by oral communication).

News Source: Tech2


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