Google is ensuring you won’t create that mistake along with your photos on Google Photos by adding associate update to the cloud-based picture sharing and storage platform on android devices.

Google Photos New Update: Asks Verifying Step Before Deleting Images

Google Photos currently needs confirmation from users before it finally deletes an associate item. The minor improvement currently displays a confirmation screen among the Google Photos app that will facilitate prevent users from unknowingly consigning a photograph to the trash if the delete button has been clicked by mistake.

Google Photos can currently begin confirmatory your action for deleting a photograph, marking significant progress from the recent setup that right away removes an associate item from Google Photos once you click the trash button, all while not asking you once more whether or not deleting the icon in question is your supposed action.

This update means that users, when they want to delete the picture, will get an additional dialogue box verifying their action. Earlier users could directly delete them by clicking the delete button and well sometimes users pressed the delete option unintentionally.

The main reason behind such an update by Google is that if the content is deleted by mistake that means users won’t be able to access it ever again. As content once deleted over cloud deletes all copies of the content that resides on all the connected devices.

This update will improve the interface as it comes in the form of a slide up a panel. While you delete, it asks you that whether you want to delete it from the Google account or from all the folders instead.

The new interface comes in the form of a slide-up panel, which shows up with various notes above it asking whether you want to remove an item from your Google account and all devices synced with it or from all folders instead.

Following this action in the app prior to the new update, a panel will pop up that would let you undo the photo deletion if it was done by accident or if you changed your mind, though it proved to be of little help to users as the option vanishes quickly, thus being difficult to notice. In the past, Google Photos would also remove pictures from connected devices and other apps in which the photos are shared, including Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

That is because the service depends on the cloud for storage, meaning that removing content from your Google account will erase all other copies of that item that reside on all your connected devices.

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