Recently, Google’s Project Zero team publicly revealed a vulnerability affecting Microsoft’s well-known web browser, of course, Edge. Hence, the tech giant Microsoft is once again suffering embarrassment for not patching a severe vulnerability on time.

Google Reveals A Vulnerability In Edge That Microsoft Fails To Patch

When we talk about Internet browsers in general, the truth is that many of these are immersed in a hard “battle” to gain a foothold in a constantly growing market, while very competitive.

Since the tech giant Microsoft launched two and a half years ago its new proposal in this regard, Edge, which was included in Windows 10, and the tech giant Microsoft very happily claims it to be the worthy successor of the popular Internet Explorer of the firm. However, the months and years have gone by, and despite the efforts of Redmond to get their browser to users around the world, this has not had much less than the expected acceptance.

It is true that from time to time Edge receives improvements and new functionalities from its developers in order to try to expand its versatility, but in spite of everything it does not end up in the big public.

At this point, we will say that everything related to security when we talk about this type of software, is a particularly sensitive issue, and more when it is questioned within the proposal of a particular developer, as is the case of Redmond, of course, the tech giant Microsoft.

So now we have learned that the tech giant Google’s Project Zero has once again made public a new zero-day security flaw in the mentioned Microsoft browser, Edge, before the company itself has sent a solution to its Windows 10 clients.

Specifically, the problem is related to the tech giant Microsoft’s compiler for Javascript, something that was already notified to the tech giant Microsoft itself by the aforementioned Google Project Zero so that it could be solved as soon as possible.

Microsoft still has security problems in Edge

However, for its part, the tech giant Microsoft has had some difficulties in fixing the problem detected by the search giant, of course, the tech giant Google since apparently it has not been able to solve it, nor within the 90 days that Project Zero offers before making it public, nor the additional grace period of 14 days that the company requested.

By contrast, the Redmond has ensured that the expected security patch for Edge, will finally see the light in Tuesday Patch which will arrive next month, that is, in March Therefore this is a failure that will be vulnerable to possible attacks during almost three months, something that the tech giant Microsoft itself should not allow if it wants to gain the trust of users in this sector.

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