Google has stopped selling all the advertisements in Russia, including search, YouTube, and outside publishing partners. This move has taken after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The tech giant paused all the ads of YouTube, display network, and search on Friday after the government of Russia asked it to block ads related to Ukraine.

After this, Airbnb paused its business in Russia and Belarus, and Apple said it will not sell its phones and computers there.

Russian Internet Regulator Asked Google To Stop Showing Ads In The Country

Google Stops All Search & YouTube Ads in Russia

In a statement, a spokesperson from Google said,

“In light of the extraordinary circumstances, we’re pausing Google ads in Russia. The situation is evolving quickly, and we will continue to share updates when appropriate.”

A few days back, Twitter has announced a similar move. Also, the parent company for Snapchat, Snap Inc, has announced the same move.

The social media company said,

“We’re temporarily pausing advertisements in Ukraine and Russia to ensure critical public safety information is elevated and ads don’t detract from it.”

The Russian Internet regulator has asked Google to stop showing Ads in the country. According to the Russian government, Google shows misinformation to Russians about the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

The company has already blocked media channels like RT, Sputnik, and others across Europe on YouTube. This move was taken to stop the spread of misinformation from Russian state media.

According to Reuters, the regulator Roskomnadzor ordered Google to stop showing ads that contain inaccurate details about the ongoing war.

Previously, Moscow was fined or restricted to services that ignored its demands. Last year, Google paid more than 32 million roubles in fines.

The search engine Google has blocked mobile apps connected to RT and Sputnik via the Play store. On the other side, the company’s payments service, Google Pay, has been limited and is not blocked completely.


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