Since last year there were pretty strong rumors that Google is working on a new operating system that integrates the best of Android and the best of Chrome OS, hence, an ad might happen next October 4, the date on which Google held an important event to discuss its future developments.

Google Testing Its Android And Chrome OS Hybrid

It has been talked about for years of the death of the Nexus, and finally, the October 4 will be the premiere of Google Pixel. It has been talking for some time of the merger between Android and Chrome OS, and now it looks like it will be on the same date.

This operation, broader, the system is expected to arrive with the name Andromeda. Does, Google thinking about ending Android as we knew so far?

It is still not very concrete about what Google is preparing for its two operating systems. It is said that soon both Android and Chrome OS may disappear and in its place may appear Andromeda, a merger between its two operating systems.

This new OS will be able to meet the needs of both smartphones and laptops, and a cross-platform and it will also be able to reach the new mixed platform, where we have a laptop and tablet.

The idea of this fusion has emerged over time, without any confirmation or evidence that it will exist or not. But a tweet released by Hiroshi Lockheimer, the Senior Vice President of Android, Google Play and Chrome showed now that something will happen on 4 October.

It will be the day when the tech giant Google will have an event which will mainly focus much on its new developments that the tech giant Google prepared. There is a talk of new smartphones like Pixel and Pixel XL, a new 4K Chromecast and even a new Wi-fi router.

But there is room for more news and it is here that Andromeda may arise. This will be the operating system that will merge Android and Chrome OS, along with a line that will ensure that the same platform to serve all available hardware.

Andromeda will take more time to arrive and should only be available in 2017. This will be only the first step of the tech giant Google, which will show just what to do with its new operating system.

Among the keys to this new software is the fact that Google could compete with focused productivity devices, such as the iPad Pro or tablets Surface Pro from Microsoft. Last year, Google tried with Pixel C relying on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and evidently not convinced its consumers because Android can not compete with computers, but Chrome OS does have that possibility and that is something special which would be offered in the so-called operating system Andromeda.