The tech giant Google asks researchers who are interested in competing for focus on the failures that may allow any attackers to perform remote code execution on multiple Android devices, to get ready to earn up to $ 200,000. Yes, the tech giant Google announced on Tuesday an Android hacking contest.

Google Will Pay You $200,000 To Hack Android OS

Do you know how to program? You know how to hack? Would you like to earn up to $200,000?
If the answer is “yes” to these three questions, then just get ready as soon as possible to earn up to $ 200,000, yes, now you might be thinking that what crap am I talking about. But, just hold on, I am really not talking crap. Google has a challenge for you.

Yes, the tech giant Google announced on Tuesday an Android hacking contest basically known as “Project Zero” with the first prize winner receiving $200,000 in cash. Yes, now I think it might be sounding much interesting and why it should not be, when tech giant Google like company offering $200,000 cash.

Project Zero

It is a competition which is designed for the people who can program and want to make money. Of course, many people know how to program, and we all want to make money. The difference is that these people will find fault with Android just knowing the phone number and e-mail of the victim. Is it a simple task ? Not at all.

For that reason, the tech giant Google has offered very attractive prizes. The person who wins the first prize will receive $200,000, second prize is $100,000 and the third prize is $50,000. all those amounts are the really massive amount. So, those who are interested should send their inquiry accompanied by full documentation of the steps taken along with the methods.

We all know very well that Google has done this kind of competitions before. In June 2015, the company launched the Android security program for hackers to hunt these bugs and receive monetary awards.

This program came after Google received an alert from a security company that found 95 percent of Android phones had a vulnerability in its programming that could be exploited when a user opened a video message sent using the phone user.

According to Google, there are three reasons to offer another hacking contest. The first is to see closely the steps taken by hackers to find and exploit the flaw in the programming. Each delivery must be accompanied by a document with the technical procedure taken by the hacker, as we told earlier.

The second reason is obvious: fixing the problems that exist and sometimes not reported. Finally, the company said, it is to begin storing data on these bugs to understand, for example, how soon can be found, how many they are and what information was obtained.

However, during this Project Zero contest the tech giant Google wants to receive the deliveries immediately and more often than before. As the tech giant, Google said that it will consider the reports that do not win this competition for the other prizes.

Project Zero security researcher Natalie Silvanovich said in a blog post while announcing the competition that “Despite the existence of vulnerability rewards programs at Google and other companies, many unique, high-quality security bugs have been discovered as a result of hacking contests”. Also added that winners will also be invited to write a short technical report describing their entry, which will then be posted on the Project Zero Blog.