Google is rumored to announce its own Wi-Fi extendable router at an event on October 4th. According to the Rumors, the device will cost you $129.

Google Will Unveil “Google Wifi” This October

As we all know Google has officially confirmed that it will host a smartphone launch event on October 4 where we can expect that the new smartphone launch would be none other than Official Pixel phones.

According to the reports from Android Police, Google is preparing to announce a home router product called Google WiFi. It’s expected that Google will announce then new Google WiFi alongside new Pixel Smartphones at the same event on October 4

According to the reports, Google Wi-Fi router will offer the longer range of connectivity then regular routers. It will also offer some of the smart features which boasts integration with Philips smart lights, IFTTT Support, all-in-one security updates and much more the device will cost $129.

The report says that the new Google Wifi is designed in such a way that it can be deployed in groups to create a mesh network so that Data can be transmitted from different devices simultaneously. The rumor also suggests that routers will have to be signed and trusted by Google on the security front.

Android police, who received the story say they were 90% confident that the rumor is going to be true as the deduction of 10% was just because the uncertainty of the deliverance of the mesh functionality

Android Police says “We are extremely confident that Google WiFi is real and that it will cost $129 when it is released. We are fairly confident it will be announced on October 4th alongside Google Home because it seems positioned as a sort of companion device to Home.”

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