As we all know that earlier the tech giant Google is already developing a new operating system, which was dubbed as “Fuchsia”. However, recently the tech giant Google’s secret operating system Fuchsia gets a new logo.

Last year in August, for the first time, we learned the existence of Google’s Fuchsia OS, with the assumptions of the case, before the silence the tech giant Google has followed. At that time many people thought that it would be the operating system with which the tech giant Google would replace Android.

However, recently the appearance of its logo in its page on GitHub would be a clear evidence that the tech giant Google advances in the development of Fuchsia.

During the second half of the last year, there was also another system that would be known as Andromeda, the same one that now seems to have fallen into oblivion, while returning attention on Fuchsia, which has been said that can replace Android, Although experts do not think it will happen soon.

The system is still under development and few details are known since the opening of its GitHub page in mid-2016. But, in case if you have the desire to simply get started with Fuchsia and Magenta then you can simply do so just by following this link.

Moreover, as we told earlier that Google’s open source operating system Fuchsia OS has just now got a new logo which looks pretty different and good than the previous one. While if we talk about the previous one then Fuchsia’s previous logo was just had a square and colorful design. But, as we told that the new logo simply looks like a styled infinity loop.

New Logo
New Logo

Apart from this the tech giant Google also working on some new features as well. As now it has a working device emulator that was able to tweet.

Right now many of you might be dying to know more details about the Google’s open source Fuschia Operating System. However, right now we have mentioned every details what we know regarding this Fuschia Operating System.

So, what do you think about this Fuschia Operating System? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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