Google's Smart Jacket Will Hit The Market In 2017

The tech giant Google introduced the Jacquard project, and the touch-sensitive fabric technology is getting more real. In Jacquard’s project, the tech giant Google has been working with Levi’s for months.

The objective is to achieve smart clothing that will allow users to control their smartphones without taking them out of pocket. Hence, the jacket will hit the market next year.

Google’s Smart Jacket Will Hit The Market In 2017

“The smart jacket was made of denim fabric which can be washed the same way traditional dirty and used trousers are done”. Said Ivan Poupyrev at the developer conference Google I/O 2016.

But Ivan Poupyrev added, “we are not making smart pants.” Instead, it’s the “Levi’s commuter trucker jacket.” You can touch the sleeve of your jacket while you’re biking to control your phone. You can answer a phone call, block a phone call, and do a bit more”.

Making of the Smart Jacket

Moreover, the reports also confirmed that this smart jacket would also work with Spotify, Google Maps, Strava, and Google. Hence, the tech giant Google will soon release the APIs so the developers can use them as soon as possible.

As we mentioned earlier, with Project Jacquard, the tech giant Google shows that it can change the music, increase the volume, and even forward a call without ever seeing the phone out of your pocket.

Paul Dillinger, the vice president of innovation at Levi’s, added that they “decided to place the smart fabric on the wrist of the smart jacket so that the user can easily access, especially the drivers of motorcycles and bicycles in the urban areas”.

So, with a swipe of the hand on this fabric, the user can easily answer a call by Bluetooth, raise or lower the volume to music, and ask for directions, as we mentioned earlier.

As in this promotional video, you can see the denim jacket with an area sensitive to finger movement fibers and small touches that -through the application to control Jacquard- services such as calls, text messages, Google Maps, and Spotify, among others.


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