OpenAI recently launched the next generation of their AI chatbot’s language model, GPT-4, and reports regarding GPT-5 have already started coming, which is clarifying its release timeline.

Microsoft Bing is already achieving some new milestones because of OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology, and the artificial intelligence research lab is working to make it even better with its next generation. So let’s begin the discussion below.

OpenAI’s GPT-5: Everything We Know So Far

GPT-5 Would Get Launch at the End of 2023

Artificial Intelligence techs are going way far as the research and development going speedily around it, and OpenAI can be called the parent company behind this AI growth tornado.

With their AI tools, such as ChatGPT & Dall-E 2, they are capable of competing with Google, and a report from the well-known website Windows Central noted that the company has already begun the training of GPT-5.

The company hasn’t revealed anything officially about this GPT-5, and the upcoming features and changes with it are still unclarified, but we can hope for some huge upgrades and more active trained data.

However, the report clarified that the data training of GPT-5 will get completed by the end of this year so that maybe by the beginning of 2024, we will see its official launch in ChatGPT Plus.

Besides, a recent tweet from a developer named Siqi Chen stated some details about Artificial General Intelligence in GPT-5. As he noted, OpenAI is expected to achieve Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

And if you’re unfamiliar with AGI so it means that the chatbot is now able to perform human understanding and intelligence.

With all that, the company would also face an obstacle by which they have to pause their research, and then GPT-5’s launch takes one more year.

As Elon Musk and around 1,800 others have signed a letter that is demanding a pause of approx six months in artificial intelligence research.


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