We all know very well that the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, yes, I am talking about the well-known game PUBG, is one of the most popular games of the time. Now, according to the latest reports, the tech giant Microsoft just launched an extremely limited and innovative greaseproof Xbox One controller.

Meet The Innovative ‘Grease-Proof’ Xbox One Controller

The conspiracy war is eternal and has put the usual competitors face to face. Between the Xbox and PlayStation, the competition is constant, with both brands claiming the lead.

On the tech giant Microsoft. the side developments have been constant and a new rumor seems to point to the news on the Xbox side already in 2020.

The tech giant Microsoft was one of the big companies taking the stage at E3 and during its presentations did not hide that it was already preparing a new version of its Xbox console.

Of course, this information is not accompanied by any time window for the launch of these new features. Still, some rumors seem to point to a possible date, though not in the near future.

The existing information points to the year 2020 with the arrival of the successor to the current Xbox, with November being the most likely, looking at the history of the company’s launches.

What exists is a clear indication that Xbox Scarlett, the internal name given to these developments, will not only be a console but a “family of devices,” somewhat in the image of what already happens with the Xbox One X and Xbox One S.

It may seem strange that the tech giant Microsoft intends to launch this new Xbox, contrary to its development cycles and anticipating new proposals. The Xbox One X was released late last year.

Probably the idea of the tech giant Microsoft is to be able to anticipate Sony and have its console in the market well before the next PlayStation, thus captivating users of its rival.

However, the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, yes, I am talking about the well-known game PUBG, is one of the most popular games of the time, and the second is the only one game that directly competes this game is, of course, the Fortnite.

To celebrate the title’s success, the tech giant Microsoft Australia has decided to launch an extremely limited Xbox One control that is capable of surviving the grease that is in the hands of the most voracious gamer that may exist.

The creation was made based on a phrase that is displayed to the winner who survives the other players, with the words: Winner winner chicken dinner. The new control for Xbox One is limited and will only be sold 200 of them with the exclusive sale to Australia, that count on a smooth surface and protection even against water.

Together with the water and grease protection, the joystick comes in white color with yellow details on the top and analog, keeping the colors of the Y, X, A and B buttons. Certainly eating and playing, which is the rule in the life of any gamer, it will be easier with this control – if you can afford to buy one.

There is no price information yet or when the exclusive sales will start.

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