What if I say that now you can get up to $1 million for hacking Tor Browser? Yes, it is true, if you think you can hack the Tor Browser, the popular web browser used to navigate the deep web and even the darknet, then you can simply win the hefty amount of $1 million to do so.

Hack The Tor Browser For 0-Days To Get $1 Million

If you think you can hack the Tor Browser, the popular web browser used to navigate the deep web and even the darknet, then you may be interested in hurrying because they are offering $1 million to do so.

It is a well-recognized start-up that has launched this offer and is intended for experts in computer security able to find errors and security flaw. It does not seem strange whenever we heard offers something like this, but it seems quite odd in the case of Tor Browser.

Zerodium, a US company that buys vulnerabilities and computer security techniques that sell exclusively to governments, and now it has opened a reward program for exploiting the Tor Browser. The most you can get is $250,000, but the total of ‘prizes’ being distributed reaches million dollars. The ‘fat prize’, incidentally, is for attacks against Windows and Linux systems using in Tor Browser the most secure configuration, and getting escalate privileges to administration to get the computer attacked.

1 million dollars for hacking the Tor Browser

But there are also other prizes, from $75,000, for configurations like active JavaScript, for example, that should be simpler to achieve. In short, they are looking for exploits of Tor Browser that, at the moment, it is not known exactly what they are going to be used when they are obtained and they reward with such sums of money.

Zerodium founder and CEO has commented that “there are many customers with operations against illegal activities carried out with Tor.” And it is foreseeable, of course, that they refer to customers from the different government organizations.

In greater detail, they talk about drug trafficking and child abuse as examples of Tor Browser misuse. It will be until November 30 when the term of the million dollars of reward program is open. Therefore, this case is also unique because so far no deadline has been set for practically any of Zerodium’s campaigns. Previously, in 2015 and shortly after the launch of the startup, another million dollars was offered to anyone who developed a technique to hack an iPhone remotely.

So, what do you think about this million dollars reward program? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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