Do you remember the huge hack occurred in August 2014? The Hacker Behind the JP Morgan Bank Hack Case was arrested in Russia.

Hacker Behind World’s Largest-ever Bank Hack Arrested

Do you remember the huge hack occurred in August 2014? JPMorgan Chase & Co. is a multinational banking and financial services holding company headquartered in New York City.

In Year 2014, it is claimed that Russia-based hackers attacked JPMorgan Chase by infiltrating into servers and also stole sensitive information. At 2014, the JP Morgan Chase & Co. used to operate the largest bank in the US and manages a total of US $2.515 trillion in assets.

According to Forbes, JPMorgan Chae & Co. is ranked as world’s third largest public company. Now, after more than 2 years United states Department of Justice managed to spot the real man behind the hack.

As Bloomberg reported, “Joshua Aaron, a Maryland native who attended Florida State University, has been held at a facility for illegal immigrants outside Moscow since failing to show police a valid passport during a midnight check at his apartment above the Beverly Hills Diner near downtown in May, court records show.”

Joshua Aaron was accused by the Justice Department as “securities fraud on cyber steroids” was arrested in Russia on settlement charges several months ago following a long manhunt, Bloomberg Reported.

FBI was already chasing Joshua Aaron and issued an arrest warrant on four courts in the month of June 2015 charging him with several crimes which include computer hacking, security fraud, and Identity theft.

FBI also fixed Joshua Aaron under the “Most Wanted” list of presumed cyber criminals. However, FBI failed to make any agreement with Russian authorities for extraditing Aaron.

Russia does not extradite its own citizens to foreign states and is not a mutual extradition agreement with the United States. According to rumors, the Russian media, the Russian authorities have proposed exchange Aaron for an undefined “reciprocal” act, most likely as a courtesy between the two countries.

For now, Joshua Aaron is free to travel to the country of his choosing. Bloomberg also reported that Joshua Aaron doesn’t know he is on the list of “Most wanted” cyber criminal in the US.