Private Files of American Police Officers, including their names and addresses, were leaked online and posted on social networking sites.

Hackers have disclosed officers’ names and addresses, forum posts censorious of American President Barack Obama, and sensitive agreements with city authorities were posted online in the Fraternal Order of Police Hack.

Hackers Leak Private Files of America’s Biggest Police Union

These private files belonged to United States’ Biggest Police Union, posted online on Thursday by hackers. The FOP, abbreviated as the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), said it represents nearly 330,000 law enforcement offices throughout America. He further noted that the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) was probing this matter after 2.5 GB of data was extracted from its servers. After that, it was leaked online and quickly posted on social media. However, Union’s National Website ( was offline on Thursday.

In an interview, FOP’s National President, Chuck Canterbury, said, “We have contacted the office of the assistant attorney general in charge of cybercrime, and officials from FBI field offices have already made contact with our staff”.

America’s Intelligent Agency, FBI, did not answer whether it is investigating this issue.

A person, namely Cthulhu, posted in his blog that they had disclosed the file after obtaining them from a source who wished to remain unidentified and wanted it to release to General Public. Cthulhu, in a statement, said, “Our role is simply to present the material in an unadulterated form for the public to analyze.

So, this was all about the data leak of American Officers and sensitive agreements made between city authorities in America. Cthulu has justified why he had leaked this information. We hope you loved this article; feel free to share this with your friends.

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