Mozilla, the company behind Firefox, not the browser itself, is looking to renew its logo and it wants its community of users from around the world to help it decide.

We have recently seen Mozilla announced the biggest change in its history by releasing Firefox 48 for a desktop. Firefox 48 is the most awaited electrolysis architecture which prevents the web browser from frequent crashing.

If we look back at June, the developers of Mozilla announced that they will take steps to modify its logo. Now Mozilla is taking the open source principles to update their brand identity.

Mozilla hired British design company, Johnson Banks to come up with 7 new concepts to demonstrate the company’s work. The logo designs are vibrant and attractive enough to confuse users.

Mozilla’s Creative Director Tim Murray writes in a blog post “Each of the seven concepts we’re sharing today leads with and emphasizes a particular facet of the Mozilla story. From paying homage to our paleotechnic origins to rendering us as part of an ever-expanding digital ecosystem, from highlighting our global community ethos to giving us a lift from the quotidian elevator open button, the concepts express ideas about Mozilla in clever and unexpected ways.”

“From here, we’ll reduce these seven concepts to three, which we’ll refine further based partially on feedback from people like you, partially on what our design instincts tell us, and very much on what we need our brand identity to communicate to the world. These three concepts will go through a round of consumer testing and live critique in mid-September, and we’ll share the results here. We’re on track to have a final direction by the end of September.”

However, there is no voting system. Mozilla is just asking it’s users for comments. The design will be selected according to what internet users fancies. The design is expected to be finalized by the end of September.

So which one is your favorite? My favorite one is Design Route D: Protocol. If you want to review a specific logo then go to Mozilla’s blog and leave a comment there.