Have you ever wondered what happens inside Lithium-ion batteries right before its explosion? Check out what the researchers have to say on this.

Here’s What Happens Inside A Battery Before Its Explosion

Well, we all are seeing popular gadgets are exploding very frequently. You can take the example of Galaxy Note 7; Samsung had stopped the production of Galaxy Note 7 and recalled the existing devices.

Even hoverboards, iPhones, and many other devices are also exploding. Have you ever wondered what might be the reason behind this? Well, this is because of lithium-ion batteries that are used as a power source.

Well, have you ever removed the back panel of your smartphone to take a look at your phone’s battery? You might have noticed a swollen battery which is a common battery problem. The study suggests, that lithium-ion batteries are used because of its capacity to hold lots of charge and light weight. However, they are prone to damage due to their structures.

You can compare the structure of Lithium-ion batteries to a spiraling swiss roll that contains electrode sheet. Researcher Toby Bond and his team at Canadian Light source, claims that structure of Lithium-ion batteries can be dangerous if gas forms inside it.

Image: Canadian Light Source
Image: Canadian Light Source

Well, now you might be thinking what gives rise to the gas inside Lithium-ion batteries? Researchers claim, abusive conditions like overheating, over charge, over discharge and any other electrical issues can give rise to gas evolution in lithium-ion batteries.

Now if the gas forms inside a battery, the battery can swell a little, or it can swell a lot and stop operating. The continuous gas generation inside a battery can cause the rupture, accompanied by fire/explosion.

Researchers have used the technique called tomography and found that if a gas builds up, the electrode layers clasp and push apart. Any small defect during the manufacturing process can make things more dangerous.

Toby Bond suggested that the lithium-ion batteries with no liquid components can help reduce the risk. For now, you should avoid overusing the apps that take lots of battery power; this will reduce overheating and swelling.

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