How many times have you thought if you were able to hide your IP address when browsing the web. There are so many reasons why people need to hide their identity. It is important from a security perspective and for many other reasons. HideAllIP is a trusted software that can be used for protecting your identity online. You can also use it to Torrent safely without any risks.

HideAllIP: Browse The Web Safely Without Any Worries

The following review explores the top reasons you need to hide your IP and how HideAllIP can help you.

Why You Need HideAllIP?

Here are the top reasons why you will need a software like HideAllIP to protect yourself when browsing the web:

  • You want to browse sites without allowing anyone to know about your identity: HideAllIP will encrypt all your information and make your presence anonymous when you browse online.
  • Access Websites Banned in Your Region: There are many websites which are banned in different countries. Ironically, these are globally some of the most popular sites, such as social networking sites. With this software you will be using proxy IP addresses that will allow you to access any site without any restrictions or detection. You will never have to worry that your government authorities will be able to identify you or detect that you are browsing blocked websites. You can also bypass web censorship or surveillance in your region or country.
  • Protect Yourself from Hackers & Snoopers: When you hide your IP address, you are protected against hackers and snoopers who want to cause harm or steal your information. Your location, identity and IP address are all hidden by HideAllIP.

  • Access Streaming & Torrent without any Limits: Whether you want to download any file using Torrent or steam your favorite shows or videos, using HideAllIP can allow you to do everything. You can hide your IP address and connect from any other country.
    There are so many ways that HideAllIP can help you. It will protect you when using public Wi-Fi hotspot, go beyond workplace or school restrictions, hide your internet activity from your ISP, and maintain the privacy of your searches.

    Features & Benefits of HideAllIP

    HideAllIP is an advanced software that can do so much more. It can help you maintain 100% anonymity, eliminate any log maintenance, and Torrent safely without worrying about the growing amount of restrictions on the download service worldwide.

    Here is a list of the main features provided by HideAllIP:
    Change IP Address
    This is the biggest reason why you are able to protect your identity when browsing online using HideAllIP. It will hide your original IP address and create fake proxy IP addresses. Everyone on the web will be seeing only your fake IP address and there is nothing that will trace anyone back to you.
    Change Location

    HideAllIP is a major global brand with server presence across the world. It is not just another website. It allows you to choose the country for which you want to set your IP address. You can choose a different country’s server or allow the software to choose it automatically.
    Data Encryption
    Data encryption is what will protect your information when you browse the web. HideAllIP uses the most advanced industry standard encryption technologies including RC4 and RSA 1024 for encrypting all your incoming and outgoing data. This is the same level of data encryption used by government institutions.

    It is so effective that even your ISP will not be able to access the data you are transmitting. The creation of fake IP addresses will further prevent anyone from finding out whom you are connected to or identify you.

    There are so many more features that make HideAllIP the perfect software for browsing safely and securely. Some of these features include:
    ⦁ Remote DNS lookups
    ⦁ Watch your favorite shows on Internet TV such as BBC iplayer and Hulu
    ⦁ Play online games, use IMs, and run any application without worrying about any restrictions.
    If you are looking for a software that provides you total protection when browsing online, playing games, accessing restricted websites, or running unique applications, HideAllIP is the perfect option. You may already have powerful anti-virus software for protecting your presence when browsing the web. But it cannot provide IP address hiding, data encryption and other features that HideAllIP can provide. The app costs just $29 annually. Hurry up and Order it now!


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