We will share an easy trick by which you can quickly check your antivirus capabilities. You just need to go through the whole post to know whether your Antivirus is working perfectly or not.

Today you must be using Antivirus in computers and laptops. And many antiviruses are accessible now that scan your computer and then eliminate viruses from your computer. But the virus is flattering more vulnerable day by day. But do you think your Antivirus is strong enough to detect the developed viruses generated daily?

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Many of you might be using some premium or advanced antiviruses, but you didn’t want to waste your money on them. So let’s check it with the best trick for How To Check Whether Your Antivirus Is Working Perfectly Or Not. This is a very manageable method that will check the methodical working of your Antivirus. Just read the below method to proceed.

Check Your Antivirus Working Perfectly Or Not

So let’s test your Antivirus that is competent to scan some harmful viruses that can damage your computer. The method is very simple and based on a simple notepad trick that you will get to understand after reading the below steps. So just go through the below steps to proceed.

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1) Checking Your Antivirus

1. First, click on start, type notepad, and press enter.

Check Whether Your Antivirus Working Perfectly Or Not

2. Now notepad will open, and there you need to paste the given code below.


Check Whether Your Antivirus Working Perfectly Or Not

3. Now save this file as Techviral Antivirus Testing File.exe

Check Whether Your Antivirus Working Perfectly Or Not

Now scan this file with your Antivirus and check if it detects it. If it detects it then your Antivirus is working perfectly. Otherwise, you need to change your Antivirus as soon as possible.

2) Checking Your Antivirus As Well As Internet Protection

You need to visit an online site to perform your Antivirus as well as the Internet Security test. You just need to download any security test files from that website, and your installed Antivirus must stop this download. So if it successfully interrupts your download, then your Antivirus is all ok, or you need to change it as soon as possible.

1. Go to the Eicar website (European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research). Then click on this link 

Check Whether Your Antivirus Working Perfectly Or Not 

2. Now scroll down, and you can see the option of “Download area using the standard protocol HTTP” you can download each and every file there. Once downloaded, your Antivirus must create a security alert about the download virus test file.

Check Whether Your Antivirus Working Perfectly Or Not 

Eicar provides 4 files for download. The first, eicar.com, contains the ASCII string as described above. The second file, eicar.com.txt, is a copy of this file with a different filename. Some readers reported problems when downloading the first file, which can be circumvented when using the second version. Just download and rename the file to “eicar.com.” That will do the trick.

The third version contains the test file inside a zip archive. A good anti-virus scanner will spot a ‘virus’ inside an archive. The last version is a zip archive containing the third file. This file can be used to see whether the virus scanner checks archives more than only one level deep.

3) Using TestMyAv

Check Whether Your Antivirus Working Perfectly Or Not

TestMyAV is a website with a single purpose – to get people testing anti-malware solutions for themselves. Rather than trusting vendors, testing companies, and salespeople. This website gives you malware and viruses to download and test your Antivirus. You can always start basic testing to test your antivirus software.

Users just need to go to the website and find the “Testing Guide” page and can download fresh malware to test their antivirus software.

4) Comodo Leak Tests

Comodo Leak Tests

Comodo Leak Tests is one of the best Leak test tools that you can use on your Windows operating system. The best thing about Comodo Leak Tests is that it’s backed by the leading security company COMODO. The tool tests for leaks in firewalls and HIPS Programs. So, for that, it runs a total of 34 tests, including rootkit installation, sending information, injection, etc. So, if your Antivirus tool is capable enough, then it will stop the Comodo Leak Tests tool from performing the test. In this way, you can analyze whether your Antivirus tool is working or not.

5) Secunia Personal Software Inspector

Secunia Personal Software Inspector

Secunia Personal Software Inspector (Secunia PSI) is an extremely useful tool that everyone should have on their computer. The ultimate goal of Secunia PSI is to check whether the software installed on the computer is up to date or needs any security fix. The tool Secunia PSI will ensure that the Antivirus tool will catch the latest virus or security threats. So, it’s not a tool to test your Antivirus, but it can help to make your Antivirus tool more capable.

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Now by this arrangement, you can test any antivirus and also choose one of the best antiviruses for your reassurance and security of your personal data and operating system, which might get contaminated by these viruses.

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