Facebook is the world’s Best Social Network and most used Website after Google. These days 500 million people are using Facebook with profiles or pages. Some people are interested in verifying our facebook pages and profiles. Here we share the latest and working methods to verify Facebook pages or profiles.

There are so many renowned people on Facebook, so everyone in the world wants to be friends with them Facebook has an option for famous people to have a Facebook page and have many fans or likes or users. Facebook recently introduced Facebook profile or page verification with a Tick badge after the Facebook page name.

So people can get to know that particular page is of real people. So now, everyone on Facebook wants to ify their pages, but Facebook has restrictions on this option. We can only request Facebook to verify our page, but it depends on whether they prove it, as they said they only demonstrate the page of renowned people worldwide.

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How to Verify Facebook Page or Profile

Facebook Page Verification method only four type of verification of pages or profiles, which are:-

  • Journalists
  • Popular brands or Businesses
  • Government Officials
  • Celebrities

These are the four categories of pages or profiles that Facebook can verify with the new method of veriverificationppose you have any popular local business? Facebook may claim your page if you are official. And then, there is no need to submit any request to Facebook for page verification. They automatically claim your page as verified depending on some details and the minimum requirements mentioned by Facebook.

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If you have the pages mentioned above, there will be chances to get your page or profile verifiedand your facebook page must officially represent your local business or any personality and may have some popularity on Facebook. When you create a Facebook page, fill in all the accurate info about yourself or your business, so Facebook will get to know that you are a natural person. You need to follow some instructions :-

  1. Link To Your Profile or Page From the Official Website on your page or profile which you want to verify Facebook page.
  2. Provide accurate information about your business in the About Section of the Page or Profile.

In the About section, you must add the following:-

  • Significant long and short descriptions,
  • Keywords that represent your business,
  • Email,
  • Official Website,
  • Products and
  • Verified Facebook Page Location with claimed business address
  • And Other details in the Page Info tab.

To send them the Facebook page verification “Request a verified Badge” request, you need to follow the link below and fill in the accurate information.

Request for Facebook Page or Profile Verification

Open This link :-

  • Request a verified Badge

Facebook Please fill out this form options are only available to people with Pages. To request a verified badge for your Page, please fill out this form. Fill in the required information and send the request, and then you are done.

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So here is the method to verify your Facebook page or profile. If you face any problem, Fell free to discuss it in the below. Comments and share this article with your friends who want information about Facebook page verification anywhere on the web and help others to share this information on your Facebook or any social network. Stay tuned.


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