The new iFhone 8 is simply an incredible device which has the potential to take over the iPhone. Actually, the new iFhone 8 has some extraordinary things to offer read out to know about it.

iFhone 8 Commercial Leaked: The iFhone Which Is “Completely Not Redesigned”

As we all know that Cupertino giant Apple confirmed their new iPhone 7 on 7th September 2016 with dual-camera and no headphone jack. There were a lot of fun around the corners that simply describes the new iPhone 7 series.

We had seen one Redditor uploaded the image of iPhone 7 exploding we have also seen the video from @Techrax which shows drilling their iPhone will make them insert the missing 3.5mm headphone jack.

We have also recently spotted than a man calmly destroys iPhones and MacBooks on Display in Apple store. So it’s all happening with the new iPhone 7. Following this, we have another fun news that claimed to compete with iPhone .

Actually there in an Apple iPhone spoof that is going viral on Youtube. It was the comedian Ryan Higa who stars in a “Leaked commercial” for the new and advanced iFhone 8. Not only these Ryan Higa also released the behind-the-scenes footage about filming the video.

The video opens up with an “Introducing, the all new completely redesigned iFhone 7.. oops iFhone 8!” Well, iPhone 7 comes up with two cameras ? They have added two more cameras making it “Quad Camera” you can now have four same exact pictures with Quad Camera

Not only this the spoof video also added 3 charging ports and is Waterproof will don’t have keyboard and it is available in many colors like Matte Black, Shiny Matte Black, Light Skin Brotha Black, Jack Black, Jack Black On a Hot day,

And the best and interesting part is the iFhone 8 will only cost $1. You need to watch the video find out more about the iFhone 8. Here’s is the video.

So as the new iFhone 8 says it was “Practically 4k and practically free” So what you think about this video? Share your views in a comment section below.