After the visual changes to the platform, Meta-owned Instagram is taking key on the profile features. Some Instagram under development features has been spotted. Let’s untangle them.

Previously, Instagram introduced some significant shifts in visuals, including its new typography and new vibrant element of colors to the app logo and posts viewed as like stories in the feed.

As always, Instagram’s upcoming features regarding the profile grid have been spotted by reliable Alessandro Paluzzi. While there are no exact claims, he has a good track record on Instagram leaks.

Instagram Working on Bunch of Features for Profile Page

Instagram Working on Bunch of Features for Profile Page

With a glimpse of all these upcoming Instagram features, it seems that Instagram will directly introduce us to a bundle of new features for the profile view grid, so let’s start with the first feature.

Instagram might allow you to hide your follower in the future from the others, as you can see in the screenshot below that features a new layout for numbers, in which it only mentions posts and following.

As we all know, Instagram got censured with its follow and following module, and some good creators are only judged by their number of followers, which is not so true, so that this feature will be great.

The next feature, Crop posts in the Profile grid, allows you to show the specific part of the post on the main profile with cropping ability, and it seems not to limit you in the number of crops.

As you can see, the first image contains an entire post, and in the second, the cut out of the part will feature on the primary grid.

Besides, some other noteworthy features are also coming to Instagram, such as the prominent view in 4:5 ratio for the first three posts on the profile grid which can be pinned on top.


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