We all know very well that Instagram is the well-known social network of photography which is owned by the social network giant Facebook. However, now according to the latest reports, the well-known social network of photography, of course, Instagram has just launched its own TV application simply to compete with YouTube.

Instagram Just Launched Its Own TV App To Compete With YouTube

Instagram has launched IGTV, a new application linked to the social network of photography that offers the possibility of playing videos in vertical format and full-screen content of the platform itself.

In the same way, the launch of the new product was used to announce figures. Instagram has reached a total of 1 billion users who use some feature of their application at least once a day.

The goal of this new product seems clear: to get the audience that today has YouTube, hence the videos can be longer and more elaborate than those already present in the social network, whose limitation in the Stories and the wall Instagram has always been its short duration.

The company has launched IGTV in an event that has taken place in San Francisco (United States) and in which content creators from around the world have gathered with more people in the social network.

And in that event the well-known social network, of course, Instagram has also revealed that its community already has a billion users. IGTV is designed for use in ‘smartphones’, which is why vertical videos have been used in full screen, and they have been granted a duration of up to one hour.

IGTV also has its own application, which just opened and begins to play content, as with televisions. In this way, it is not necessary to search to begin to visualize content, although later there is the possibility to choose between the tabs ‘For you’, ‘People you follow’, ‘Popular’ and ‘Keep watching’ according to the tastes of the consumer.

The user can also ‘Like’, comment and send videos to their friends by direct message. As with traditional television, IGTV has channels, but in them, the content creators of the social network are the protagonists.

As an Instagram matrix, Facebook’s push for video has been very powerful during the last years due to the untiring advertising revenues it provides and the users’ preference when it comes to consuming content.

The possibility of uploading them on Instagram was introduced, and creators who upload videos to Facebook directly were also supported by financial incentives.

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