Instagram, the most popular photo-sharing app, has brought several improvements to its DM (Direct Message). The Meta-owned social media platform has introduced seven new messaging features.

Last year, the head Adam Mosseri, said that the company will now focus on messaging.  He said, “Messaging is one of the primary ways people connect online, and we think Instagram needs to embrace the fact that messaging is the primary form of communication.”

Following it, the company has announced improvements to the overall experience of the app. Instagram has added the ability to reply to messages while browsing, send silent messages, and more.

New Instagram Messaging Features Rolling Out In Selected Countries

Instagram Messaging Features (1)

The photo and video-sharing app has integrated with music streaming platforms to let users share 30-seconds song previews in chat. Moreover, you can also reshare posts to friends easily with just one tap.

In a blog post, Meta announced adding the new messaging features on Instagram. The latest update shows the friends who are online at the top of the inbox. Also, there are other features for customizations and options to conduct polls in group chats. Let us have a look at all the new features.

7 New Instagram Messaging Features

1. Quick Sharing Content: Users can reshare the content easily with close friends. When you want to share anything interesting, you need to long-press the share icon that shows a quick list of close friends.

2. Reply While Browsing: This feature helps you to reply without going to your inbox and moving out of the feed. It’s now much easier and more convenient to chat while using the app.

3. See Who’s Online: Most of users already have this feature. At the top of the inbox, now we can see who is free to chat with. All the friends who are online will be seen on top.

4. Pause, Play, and Re-Play: All the users can now share 30second song previews in the chat. For this, the company will integrate with Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify.

5. Silent Messages: You can now send silent messages without notifying your friends at late night or when they are busy. In the message, you need to add “@silent” and then send your message. The other participant will not be notified of this message. A similar feature is now available for Messenger also.

6. New lo-fi Chat Theme: It is a new theme designed to make the conversations feel more personal.

7. Create a Poll: You can now create a Poll directly in the group chat.

Most of the new features are being rolled out now in the selected countries. It is expected to reach a global audience soon.


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