The most popular photo-sharing app Instagram rolls out a new feature, Parental controls. This will allow parents to track and set a time limit for their kids to use the app.

It will also help guardians to get updates on which accounts their child is following and who are following the kids. And also receive notifications when they report any user.

In December, Instagram announced the new parental controls and has finally launched it now, first in the US.

Parents Can Now Control Their Kid’s Instagram 

Instagram Rolls Out Parental Controls In The US

On Wednesday, the company said, Instagram will soon roll out parental supervision features on Quest Virtual reality headsets.

Earlier, Meta promised to protect children using social media apps. A leaked internal document showed the company that Instagram caused issues for some teenage girls for body images.

Currently, Instagram supervision tools are available in the US and will roll out globally in the coming months.

Meta will roll out a parent dashboard in Oculus mobile app that has supervision tools for its Quest headsets in May. It will not allow teens to download age-inappropriate apps on Quest. In a blog post, Meta said, parents will require consent from teens for both Instagram Quest.

The dashboard will offer additional VR supervision features like the ability to block apps including web browsers, view apps owned by teenagers, receive purchase notifications, view and manage screen time, and view friend lists.

As of now, teens will need to enable the supervision feature from the app on mobile. Later, in June, a new update will be rolling out that will let parents and guardians start the process. In the future, new features will be added.

According to Meta, the headsets are not appropriate for users under the age of 13. The supervision tools are not available in all regions, except the US.


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