We all know very well that the social network giant Facebook has been trying out different modifications on its platform to enhance user experience. Now the social network giant Facebook is gradually activating the possibility of sharing Instagram stories directly on Facebook.

Now You Can Cross-Post Instagram Stories To Facebook Stories

The social network giant Facebook is gradually activating the possibility of sharing Instagram stories directly on Facebook and at the same time, consolidating the ephemeral functions of both platforms.

It was one of the most recurring requests since both social networks activated the option to publish stories: since both belong to the same company and share functionality, why not share the stories at once from a single application? Now the company has activated this functionality in Instagram so that when you publish something is published directly on Facebook, as was so far with the photos.

The function, which depending on your operating system is a bit more hidden, allows you to share at the same time, with the same time and with exact content, both Facebook and Instagram, allowing us to save a few steps when we want to upload something directly to the two networks.

For the moment this new feature only works in the Instagram direction to Facebook and not vice versa, but it is expected to be universal as both networks consolidate their functions.

If you want to use this function in iOS you only have to link your Facebook account and when publishing a story will offer you the option to mark the possibility of publishing also on Facebook, allowing to change this behavior with each publication, something ideal when we do not want to saturate both networks with the same content. Of course, it is disabled by default.

However, do not give yourself much illusions right now, since the option is not yet activated, although it is expected to do so soon. In Android, you will be able to activate this function within the settings of the stories of Instagram, in the section of shared content.

This feature of sharing both on Instagram and Facebook takes tests in just over a month in some countries, but it has been now when some users started to appear, and although there is still an official announcement of the arrival for everyone on Instagram, is expected to be available universally soon. Android users, on the other hand, can already enjoy it mostly.

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