Instagram regularly brings new features to its platform. One of the most popular features of this app is Instagram Stories. Most of the users enjoy sharing stories about everything they do.

The social network is testing a new layout for Stories that will hide multiple posts. Currently, if anyone shares excessive posts on stories, the app shows each post.

However, this new Stories layout will not show each post on the stories. After this update, if anyone wants to see all the posts, then the user should click on the “Show All” button.

Soon You Will Only See Three Instagram Stories Per User With This New Update

Instagram Testing New Stories Layout To Hide Excessive Posts

This update is bad news for creators, as they are the ones who post everything on stories for their Fans.

This news comes from a Brazilian Instagram user, Phil Ricelle. He posted a tweet showing that only the first three stories are being displayed on Instagram. The picture also shows a total number of published stories which is 33 in this case.

Phil Ricelle has worked at Tecnoblog, and they have shared more details about the new Instagram Stories Layout.

According to Tecnoblog, now, to see all Stories, users need to tap on “Show All.” If you won’t tap on it, Instagram goes to the next user after showing the first three posts.

At present, we can do it manually if we don’t want to see all the posted stories. Users swipe the screen and go to the next user.

Many people just tap on the screen to see all Stories from the same account at once. However, this will not be possible after the update.

For creators, this update will not be good as after three stories; they might have a lower number of views. It will totally depend on the viewer; they will tap on Show all option or not.

Not everyone has received the update; only a small group of users have received the new Stories layout. Instagram might still be testing these changes. Maybe these changes do not come for everyone.


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