We all know very well that recently at the end of May, the tech giant Apple introduced iOS 11.4, where several new features were integrated. AirPlay 2 and Stereo support for the HomePod stand out. However, now according to the latest reports, iOS 11.4 is causing black camera issue on iPhones.

OMG! iOS 11.4 Causing Black Camera Issue On iPhones

The tech giant Apple’s iOS 11.4 seemed to be one of the more stable versions of the mobile operating system that the tech giant Apple released. As the tech giant Apple released iOS 11.4 simply to correct some flaws and problems that had arisen in recent time.

However, now according to the latest reports, it seems that the tech giant Apple’s latest version of iOS, of course, iOS 11.4 has brought a new flaw instead of fix and the new flaw is quite complicated for the iPhone users.

As the latest complaint that is surfacing on the Internet reports problems in the iPhone camera, which has stopped working on many devices that have this version of iOS installed.

The problems with iOS 11.4 are not new. The most recent problem reported with the battery of the iPhone, which was drained much faster than the normal.

Now there’s a new issue with this version of iOS that focuses on the iPhone’s camera. Complaints have surfaced on social networks and even in the tech giant Apple’s forums as well where users have exposed their problems.

From what has been described, this is a recurring problem. When using the camera app, the screen turns black and can no longer be used to take pictures. In other cases, users describe that the camera problem is unable to focus on objects, causing color problems in photographs.

As no solution was found to this problem, a possible alternative would be to downgrade the previous version of iOS. Unfortunately, this can not be done once the tech giant Apple has stopped signing this version and so it can no longer be installed.

It is not known if the tech giant Apple will release a new fix for this problem in the immediate future, before the arrival of iOS 12. This update is likely to emerge soon and will fix the problem completely, as well as others which have arisen in the meantime.

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