After releasing the Bug-Fixing iOS 11 updates, now the latest reports are showing that the tech giant Apple’s iOS 11 is now already installed on more than 52% of the tech giant Apple’s mobile devices, and with this data, it is clear that it has a low adoption point, however, it is still way ahead of Android.

iOS 11 Has Hit A Low Adoption Point, But It Is Still Way Ahead Of Android

Apple’s new operating system for mobile devices, of course, iOS 11, has had a rapid adoption, but it seems that it has not caught the attention of everyone. During the day yesterday, the tech giant Apple shared the latest data on the adoption rate of iOS 11 on the app developers website for the App Store.

According to official data, the latest operating system of the tech giant Apple, iOS 11 has already been installed on more than 52% of devices since its official launch in mid-September. However, about 38% of compatible devices are still running iOS 10.

These numbers are not all bad, but even so, do not come to beat the record set by older versions of iOS. For example, when iOS 9 was released, by this time, it was already installed on more than 66% of devices. On the other hand, iOS 10 was already installed on more than 2/3 of the compatible devices one month after its official launch.

The evolution of iOS 11

Undoubtedly, the adoption of iOS 11 has been slower than some of the previous versions. The initial problems that the operating system presented when it was launched, namely the rapid consumption of the battery, may have influenced the low adoption in these early times.

Therefore, the tech giant Apple has already released some updates to its latest OS, with iOS 11.1 being the largest so far. iOS 11.1 has brought new emojis, the 3D Touch functionality for Multitasking is now available and includes some bug fixes.

iOS 11.2 is currently in the testing phase but will soon be released. One of the features that will appear for the first time will be Apple Pay Cash, which will allow users to transfer money through iMessage. Perhaps this feature will entice more users to install the new version of iOS.


A few days before the original release of iOS 11, iOS 10 was already installed on more than 89% of devices. Let’s wait and see the evolution of iOS 11 over time. However, it’s worth noting that Android Oreo is still installed only on 0.2% of devices.

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