We all know very well that with each new version of iOS being released, one quickly tries to find a way to apply jailbreak and thus free the devices. Hence, now according to the latest reports, the tech giant Apple’s latest version of iOS, of course, iOS 12 has already been jailbroken on an iPhone X.

OMG! iOS 12 Has Already Been Jailbroken On An iPhone X

All iPhone users know about the well-known term jailbreak. As for many, it is the way to have access to the features that the tech giant Apple does not create or that does not allow them to be made available.

This process has been stalled, largely because of the tech giant Apple and the unique way it has protected iOS. When many already jailbroken as almost impossible, good news now comes. The jailbreak to iOS 12 already exists but is not yet available for everyone.

For some time now, it has become almost impossible to create solutions that jailbreak iOS, thus freeing the iPhone and iPad and giving them access to new features and capabilities. The tech giant Apple has been able to protect iOS and eliminate the flaws exploited to create jailbreak processes, which is why it is the biggest obstacle.

Jailbreak for iOS 12 is already available

It was hoped that iOS 12 would follow the same path as previous versions and would be completely safe from these unauthorized accesses, but the truth is that the first trial version of this new operating system has flaws.

These were discovered and exploited now by KeenLab’s well-known Liang Chen, who managed to create an app capable of jailbreaking and that is independent of the computer. The process has been documented on video which is mentioned below and it can be seen by everyone.

Although the jailbreak is already done to iOS 12, not everything is good news for lovers of this practice. Normally KeenLab does not launch solutions for any user to jailbreak the iPhone and prefers to keep them for themselves and the services it offers.

On the other hand, iOS 12 is still in early release, which means that the tech giant Apple can still detect and eliminate flaws exploited, making iOS again safe and invulnerable when jailbreaking.

Even if this iOS 12 crash is not shared, we can be sure that it exists and others can exploit it by reopening jailbreaks and everything it can offer to iPhone and iPad users.

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