iOS 17 is now not so far from its official unveil from the company, but still, we all are wondering what new features and changes we are going to see in it for the supported iPhones.

And that’s why we are going to talk about all features and changes in this article that are highly expected to arrive in the iPhone’s next big software update.

iOS 17’s Major Features: All Details

iOS 17 Would Arrive These 4 Major Features

As we all know, Apple brought many new features last year for the iPhones with iOS 16 update, and now with iOS 17, Apple is expected to bring even more new functionality.

And from the leaks and rumors, we list four significant changes and features that are highly expected to arrive in iOS 17.

Control Center’s Redesign

Apple hasn’t brought any major changes to Control Center from the iOS 11, but according to some rumors, Apple may bring a new look and huge changes to Control Center that will make it more customizable.

Enhancements to Dynamic Island

Apple introduced Dynamic Island last year with iPhone 14’s launch, and it still gets many upgrades, but Apple is expected to bring more enhancements to it, such as the Siri icon on Dynamic Island on its activation.

Alternate App Stores

Apple is soon going to support sideloading and alternate app stores as it has to comply with European Regulations’ law. And users may be able to access apps outside of the App Store with iOS 17 update.

Active Widgets

Apple may also be planning Active Widgets for iPhones. Active Widgets are different than normal widgets because it allows interaction via buttons and sliders.

Release Date

Apple has already announced its Worldwide Developer Conference’s official dates and details, and we can expect it to release its first beta at this event but only for developers.

And then, after some weeks, we would see the first public beta’s release, and the final stable version launch will take place after iPhone 15’s launch in September or October.


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