iPhone 15 is far from its launch, but its rumors are coming speedily, and the latest one suggests that iPhone 15 would feature a new design for its border.

After the iPhone 14 launch, it is already expected that iPhone 15 is going to get a lot of changes, and one more addition to it hinting that Apple might bring 2013’s iPhone design feature back.

iPhone 15 Expected To Have Multiple Change Chassis Design

iPhone 15 Expected To Have Multiple Change Chassis Design

This leak has come from a leaker named ShrimpApplePro, who shared it via a tweet with examples in the images, so let’s delve into the details and find all its possibilities.

As the tweet noted, the upcoming iPhone 15 will have a rounded designed border instead of having the square-designed border which we get with the iPhone 14.

Besides, this rounded design border will not be implemented on the front side of the phone as it is only designed for the rear side of the phone.

Although Apple has already done it in the past, as last they introduced the curved design border in iPhone 11 with implementation on both sides, and also, a lot of reports are also comparing it with iPhone 4 and 5C’s design.

With all that, the tipster also noted that it would also have titanium chassis, which was also reported for the iPhone 14 before its launch.

The above detail about the titanium chassis makes it more clear that it won’t look like the earlier iPhones as any earlier iPhone doesn’t have the curved edge with titanium chassis.

So we will see a completely new design with this iPhone. Still, there are no details on whether it will be exclusive to only or all models will inherit it, but it will be a  great transition for the iPhone’s border.

This iPhone will have more changes than that, such as there will be a USB-C charging port with a high-speed advantage, an upgrade to RAM, and more.


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