iPhone 8 Is Coming And It's Going To Be *Insane*
iPhone 8 Is Coming And It's Going To Be *Insane*

The Cupertino giant Apple is ramping for its biggest iPhone sales success ever next year. According to the reports from Thrillist, these are the rumors that could possibly turn true.

iPhone 8 Is Coming And It’s Going To Be *Insane*

It really feels like it was just yesterday we got the iPhone 7. However, the rumors about the iPhone 8 are spreading like fire on the internet. There were many reports that iPhone 8 is going to be a big one.

Thrillist reached out a variety of Apple experts and they have informed some of the ideas on what Apple might have in the store for us. Previously we have seen few reports that suggest that Apple is testing up to 10 different prototypes for the forthcoming 2017 iPhone.

According to Thrillist, Here are the possible ideas that apple might introduce in the upcoming iPhone:

Wireless Charging

We all know that iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus eliminated the earphone port and had introduced wireless AirPods. Several rumors claim that iPhone is testing wireless charging technology. So, the wireless charging technology is likely to appear in the next iPhone.

No Home Button

There are several rumors on the internet that claim that Apple is testing an All-Glass body and the front part of the phone will have all screen. So, we could expect that Apple might ditch the home button because removing it will allow Apple to get rid of the borders at the top and bottom of the screen.

Eye-Face Scanning Technology

According to the reports from Apple Insider, Chinese chip manufacturer suggests that the next iPhone will feature iris-scanning technology. This simply means that you can unlock your phone by just looking into a little camera on the screen.

Curved Screen

The Wall Street Journal says that the tech giant Apple is currently working with the 10 different models of the next iPhone possibly the iPhone 8. So, now it’s no wonder, whenever a new device is tested, different prototypes are performed to test both form factors and the hardware itself. So, the latest rumors are simply indicating that the tech giant Apple’s next iPhone possibly the iPhone 8 could have curved screen. This rumor has long sounding but had never done so hard as it is doing now.

OLED Display

As we already mentioned that next year’s handset will be a complete redesign, boasting a larger curved 5.8inch display. So, rumors also suggest that the next iPhone will feature a much higher-quality display. Many sources claim that there will be at least one version of the next phone from Apple that will favor OLED screen.

So, these are the possible features that can be introduced in the next iPhone. There was no official announcement made by the company yet. So, all these are still rumors. However, if the rumors turn out to be true then iPhone 8 is going to be INSANE!!