Microsoft Garage rolled out Hub Keyboard to iOS. Basically, Garage is the experimental apps division at Microsoft. However, it is not the rumored version of Microsoft Phone keyboard which was expected to come to the iPhone, it is the iOS version of the Microsoft Hub Keyboard which was was rolled out to Android in February this year.

iPhone and iPad Just Got a Hub Keyboard App from Microsoft

The keyboard is purposed as productivity boosting tool that integrates information from the numerous apps into the keyboard. It also integrates with Microsoft Office 365 which in turn grants easier access to files and contacts. The keyboard is working on iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch. It’s size is 21.2MB in App Store.

In iOS version, you are able to copy only the most recent text in your keyboard while as in Android version, you are able to see a list of previously copied items to paste in chat, email or documents.

The version of the keyboard app is 1.0 in iOS while as in Android it initially came with version 0.96.7. This keyboard offers minimalist design and helpful features and users can also link the app to an Office 365 account in both Android and iOS.

Senior Designer on the Office said, “Personally I don’t like switching between apps to do different things on my smartphone. But all these different apps on a smartphone, they have to conform to rules of a keyboard and that got me thinking about the project as an interesting idea I wanted to explore more”.

Microsoft has been familiar keyboard apps and recently it acquired keyboard app company called SwiftKey, so it seems that the users would witness more typing apps in future. The Hub Keyboard app is available on Google Play and App Store for free.


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