A few weeks ago we reported a story about the privacy issues related to Face ID on iPhone X. However, recently, a security researcher has stated that system of facial recognition of the tech giant Apple’s iPhone X has a big privacy issue.

OMG! Apple’s iPhone X Face ID Has An Unexpected Privacy Issue

A few weeks ago we reported a story about the privacy issues related to Face ID on iPhone X. The system of facial recognition of the tech giant Apple has a big problem: the information that the developers of applications have on the gestures of the users.

The facial mapping system that integrates the TrueDepth camera of the tech giant Apple’s iPhone X safely stores all the information in the phone without sending it to any server, something similar to what happens in the Touch ID fingerprint reader that integrates the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The problem is that application developers have access to a lot of information about users’ facial data, and that is very dangerous.

Apple updates its privacy policy with the use of Face ID on the iPhone X

The problem is that, although the tech giant Apple’s policy prohibited the sale of this information, the temptation on the part of the developers is very great. Keep in mind that these data about our gestures could be used for marketing purposes, for example, and many companies would be very interested in buying this information.

A researcher has created an app that shows the amount of information about facial data that can be obtained through the iPhone X and that are available to developers. The most worst thing is that the researcher gets access to so much information that he was able to recreate a 3D model of his own face.

“There is a representation of his face and a real reading of 52 unique micro movements in the eyelids, mouth and other features. Applications can store that data on their own servers.” With these statements made it clear that Face ID of the iPhone X is a time bomb in terms of privacy.

The company based in Cupertino has reacted very quickly by issuing a statement in which they announced a change in their privacy policies on data collection around the facial recognition system of the iPhone X.

Our facial expressions can be used for commercial purposes

The problem is that the new privacy policy requires that developers not only have to request permission from a user to access the camera, but they have to explain how and where they will use this data. That is very good but anyone without scruples can sell our data to third parties and make a big profit with it.

We will see how this theme evolves because it is clear that our privacy when using Face ID on the iPhone X is compromised. And we all know that marketing is too tempting a market to ensure that no developer will sell our facial data that will be used for commercial purposes.

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