Linux Wine 1.8 Released Download Available, Designed For Windows OS
Linux Wine 1.8 Released Download Available, Designed For Windows OS

InShortViral: This New Year Linux presented you Wine 1.8 version the updated Linux Wine Version, which users will get Windows OS interface. The version is almost bit complicated from the previous version.

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]fter more than a year in development Wine Linux 1.8, officially it has been finally available for download. The OS developers are satisfied this time declaring the new features and updates that bring this new release of the software engine that enables you to run different applications particularly composed for the operating system Windows.

Wine Linux 1.8, The Golden Bough Open Source

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After a year and a half in producing and development, IT product developers Wine Linux 1.8, precisely deployed its newest version, which will surely be the latest update of this year.

Linux Wine 1.8 Released Download Available, Designed For Windows OS

Throughout the development stage, the design team in charge of Wine submitted more than 50 versions in its early version. We must also highlight the four Release Candidate RC , and also was one of the greatest hits in the past of open source, it includes more than 13,000 variations.

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The Wine team is pleased to announce that the Wine1.8 is now accessible. This release describes 17 months of development work and about 13,000 unique changes. The main attractions are executing DirectWrite and Direct2D, and the new audio driver pulse ” of the day was the announcement on its official blog.

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What’s New in this version?

As shown by the above explanation, in the most symbolic 13,000 modifications are implementing DirectWrite and Direct2D as the first part of its new elements. L new software includes enhancements DirectDraw, the guide application PulseAudio for better audio and video backing for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, support for Mac OS X and of course, developed the user interface.

It appears that this new installment represents the flagship project golden wine.

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Where can I download the latest version of wine?

For those interested in downloading the official version of Wine 1.8, can go to the following link where you will find the download link. If you enjoyed the post content, do not forget to leave us your impressions and opinions on the subject.