Every year Apple brings new models of iPhone, software updates, iPad models, and more. But MacBooks are the same over the past decade. Recently, few of the models were redesigned with modern features.

A recent Apple patent shows that the company might bring a MacBook keyboard that will charge your iPhone. A patent was granted to Apple that transforms the MacBook’s deck to a flexible surface or a wireless charging pad for phones.

Apple MacBook Might Get Digital Keyboard

Apple Patent Shows MacBook Keyboard That Will Charge Your Phone

The Apple Patent dated 21 June shows a MacBook with dual-display and an in-built wireless iPhone charger. Possibly, this laptop might include a second display. The physical keyboard of the MacBook could be replaced with a digital one. 

According to the Patent, Apple could use transparent, dielectric materials like glass, plastic, or ceramic material to get the digital keyboard touch-sensitive.

Apple has a Touch bar on select MacBook Pro models that were added in 2017 and 2020. It never got software updates, and it did not gain much love from users. However, the last year models 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro models did not have the option of a Touch Bar.

Most of them loved Touch Bar and were not happy to see it go. However, the current generation MacBook Pro models offer many great features, so everyone accepted it.

The latest patent publication and the other 13-inch MacBook Pro still includes a Touch Bar. The patent suggests that the company hasn’t completely shut down the touch options on MacBook.

This patent will come out true or not; we don’t know. Wait till Apple confirms anything officially about the MacBook digital keyboard. The idea of a digital keyboard sounds like a huge risk.

MacBook users don’t like changes in the keyboards. So a digital keyboard will be a positive or negative thing don’t know. It should work as promised and not change how typing works.


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