Generally, we all know that making a digital assistant is not an easy task. Today is a world of digital life, and digital assistants are taking over our digital life.

Due to this reason, tech giants such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, and many more are spending billions and millions of money on the research and development process. But the question arises about what to do when you want your personal digital assistants created by your own hands.

Be attentive; here, we will tell you about the completely free, reliable, and open-source tool named Abot – another way to code your own Jarvis.

How To Make Your Own Digital Assistant With Free & Open Source Tool

You all must know that digital assistants are mammoth software and to follow its way is too complex. So the tool, i.e., Abot, solves this inferior problem through its pre-installed tools that manage and easily understand human language.

Things To Know About Abot Program:

  • Abot is written in the Go programming language
  • Abot is a digital assistant structure designed to help you build your assistant and customize it according to your needs and choices. Therefore, Abot is written in the Go programming language. As it is an open-source tool so it can be used anywhere. It is a self-answering phone machine for business travel scheduling and is an agent for ordering Uber and taking care of your laundry work.
  • By exposing an HTTP API, Abot structures easily merge into your SMS, Electronic mail, Twitter, and many other ways of communication.

Working Of Abot Digital Assistant Framework:

If we consider the brain that guides Abot, it comprises three main parts:

  • An API that accepts input that can be in any natural language.
  • A State machine that follows grammar and context across inputs to allow the chaining of commands.
  • A router is used to select the correct plugin that sends feedback based on the current commands and past context.

Building Personal Digital Assistant Using Abot:

Make Your Own Digital Assistant With Free & Open Source Tool

So this is all about Make Your Own Digital Assistant With Free & Open Source tools. Finally, Abot combines these three parts and libraries to make fasten the process of coding your personal digital assistant.

And you need to configure your personal assistant according to your wish. So go for it today and have fun. I hope you like this and do share it with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries about this.


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