It's Official: Now Mario Is No Longer A Plumber
It's Official: Now Mario Is No Longer A Plumber

Recently, officially Nintendo itself has confirmed that the well-known and iconic character, of course, Mario who has 30 years of the profession is no longer a Plumber. As finally, Nintendo retired the well-known and iconic character, of course, Mario as Plumber.

It’s Official: Now Mario Is No Longer A Plumber

We start the first phase of the week with a nice news as directly out of the decisions of Nintendo when defining the argument around which they revolve their main characters: Super Mario is no longer a plumber.

Super Mario retires from the plumbing

A recent update on the official Japanese page of the well-known character who has 30 years of profession in this the video games assures that the person “was plumber time ago”.

“In sports, whether it’s tennis, baseball, soccer or racing, Mario does everything well. It also seems like he worked as a plumber back in the day … “, indicates the character’s card for the Japanese market.

With this resume update, Mario prepares the launch of the next Super Mario Oddysey, a game that will travel around the world, and continues to focus on its mobile assault with Super Mario Run.

However, it is curious that after all these years Nintendo decides to withdraw the status of the plumber to its famous character, a profession that historically always has been linked to the hero of the platforms.

However, Shigeru Miyamoto already pointed out years ago that Super Mario was not originally conceived as this well-known character, but in its first appearance in Donkey Kong acted as a carpenter.

“With Mario Bros, we incorporated Luigi and a lot of the game happened underground, so we are looking for an environment that fits in with this approach and we decided to make it a plumber. As the scenario determined his profession,” explained the Japanese designer to USA Today in a past interview.

During three decades, Mario has played different roles in his games, including those of pilot, doctor, builder, tennis player, and so on. but only one of those profiles, the plumber, has been the most remembered by all its fans.

So, what do you thing about Mario’s retirement? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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