Google introduced its new messaging app, which is known as Allo. This is a standalone application to Hangouts that seeks to integrate its new intelligent assistant and several distinctive features.

“Allo learns over time,” said the engineering director of Google, Erik Kay, allowing the app will facilitate conversations and improve productivity.

Meet Google’s New Messaging And Video Calling Apps Allo And Duo

Like many similar platforms, Allo has its template smileys and stickers, as the expressions incorporate various apps that incorporate the messenger. For example, Whisper Shout is an app that allows you to resize the text to send.

It also has a photo editor, among others. This messenger is directly connected to the line number and optionally linked to the Google account.

Another interesting feature of Allo is the ability to understand conversations in real time, which allows for providing intelligent answers. If in exchange, someone asks us a place to go for dinner, the platform suggests restaurants, all accompanied by text possible answers.

This section has its role in Google Assistant, which automatically communicates with the local bot to make a reservation. It shows various options the letter, schedules, and fares, among others, all from the same application.

As if that were not enough, Smart Replies also works with the photos we receive. Thanks to Google recognition tools, for example, the software will suggest default responses that fit every situation if we get a picture of a dog.

So, finally, we can have a conversation with Google Assistant in a separate window to ask you questions, seek information, and even enjoy some mini-games.

What about the “Duo”?

Meanwhile, the tech giant Google presented Duo, a video-calling app that will accompany Allo. It is a simple application that uses the front camera to communicate quickly with other users.

As noted, it has KnocKncok Duo technology, which displays the video we get before answering the call. This gives us context before entering into every conversation.

It also seeks optimum performance by detecting the connection speed and video quality changes, so communication is never cut. Hence, allowing a fluid system optimized even in less developed territories.


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